What is there to say about this simple little tune? Not much really, so I won’t waste your precious time. It’s a nice little ditty to listen to once in a while, to let city dwellers’ fantasize about the serenity that could be found living a quiet, small-town life with a sweet, beautiful girl. Maybe life would be a nice little waltz.

Biographer Anthony Scaduto says that ice skaters’ waltzes were popular when Dylan was young. Of course, there is a lot of ice skating in Minnesota.

According to Clinton Heylin’s Recording Sessions, the song was recorded in one take, which was not typical for New Morning. Most of the other tunes were recorded many times. Judging from Dylan’s vocal, he seems to be having a bit of a laugh. Dylan surely meant the song to be taken as a bit of a joke.

It’s never been played live.



Winterlude, Winterlude, oh darlin’
Winterlude by the road tonight
Tonight there will be no quarrelin’
Ev’rything is gonna be all right
Oh, I see by the angel beside me
That love has a reason to shine
You’re the one I adore, come over here and give me more
Then Winterlude, this dude thinks you’re fine

Winterlude, Winterlude, my little apple
Winterlude by the corn in the field
Winterlude, let’s go down to the chapel
Then come back and cook up a meal
Well, come out when the skating rink glistens
By the sun, near the old crossroads sign
The snow is so cold, but our love can be bold
Winterlude, don’t be rude, please be mine

Winterlude, Winterlude, my little daisy
Winterlude by the telephone wire
Winterlude, it’s makin’ me lazy
Come on, sit by the logs in the fire
The moonlight reflects from the window
Where the snowflakes, they cover the sand
Come out tonight, ev’rything will be tight
Winterlude, this dude thinks you’re grand

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