Crowdsourcing Transcriptions: “At the Library and in the Field: John and Alan Lomax Papers”

Most Dylan fans (over a certain age at least) are aware of John and Alan Lomax, the American ethnomusicologists best known for their recordings of folk music of the 20th century. Of course, many of the songs collected ended up on recordings that would influence Dylan.

The Library of Congress is holding a crowdsourcing event with the mission of transcribing the John and Alan Lomax collection. What does that mean, you say? It means you can sign up and help transcribe these valuable documents so they will be available online. Pretty damn cool!

Here is the post that describes the project in detail. The post is written by LOC research specialist Todd Harvey, the author of The Formative Dylan, a book I highly, highly recommend to anybody interested in the origins of Dylan’s early work.

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