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Murder Most Foul

One of the many interesting aspects of Dylan’s work is the never-ending evolution of musical styles. From folk to rock to country to gospel to balladeer, it never stops. For Murder Most Foul, Dylan takes on the styling of a piano man, a Billy Joel in a mellow state of mind.  As Tim Shorrock notes in his piece […]

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False Prophet

An upbeat blues romp with a steady, danceable beat, False Prophet is likely to be one of the most popular songs on the album. Dylan borrowed  the tune from Billy “The Kid” Emerson’s If Lovin’ You Is Believing. Emerson’s first big break was playing piano in Ike Turner’s band, which eventually led to a solo career. Emerson’s song Every […]

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I Contain Multitudes

Bob Dylan is about to release a new album and has already released three songs from it, including the excellent, I Contain Multitudes, which contains a multitude of allusions to other works. I thought it would be fun to document as many as possible. Get comfortable, this will take a while. Bob Dylan’s lyrics have […]

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Ellen Willis Article – Editor of New Yorker

Article posted to  Facebook Edlis Cafe group.       “Dylan” – from Cheetah, 1967 I Nearly two years ago, Bob Dylan had a motorcycle accident. Reports of his condition were vague, and he dropped out of sight. Publication of his book, Tarantula, was postponed indefinitely. New records appeared, but they were from his last […]

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The 1961 Beatnik Riot

Although  I know the history of the 60’s folk movement pretty well, I had  never heard of the “Beatnik Riot” of 1961.  Weird.  Anyway, to mark its 50th anniversary NPR did a piece on it. The article also links to a documentary, “Bloody Sunday”.   Cool stuff.              

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Interesting Article on Dylan and the Isle of Wright

Story of  how  Dylan came  to participate in the Isle of Wright Festival. http://www.portsmouth.co.uk/news/how-i-stole-bob-dylan-from-woodstock-1-6772302  

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Documentary on Izzy Young on YouTube

Izzy Young ran the Folklore Center in Greenwich Village back in the early sixties.  Dylan and all the folk singers knew him well.  I haven’t watched all of it yet.  

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Published New Page: Drifter’s Escape

Published a new page today, an analysis of Drifter’s Escape, from John Wesley Harding. Drifter’s Escape

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