Lesser-Known Dylan – #1 – The Plugz

Casual fans might not know of his short-lived collaboration with two members of The Plugz, an unheralded punk band from Los Angeles, and guitarist J.J. Holiday. Their performance on the Letterman Show in 1984 is one of the best of Dylan’s career, wildly raw and energetic. Judge for yourself below. First up was a rocking …

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Peter Hamill Has Died – Wrote Liner Notes for Blood on the Tracks

Peter Hamill had died, and it’s a dirty, rotten shame. A few decades ago Hamil was a well-known NYC-based journalist. He was part of a generation of great American newspaper and magazine writers – Hunter Thompson, Jimmy Breslin, Tom Wolfe come to mind – that often came from the hard-knocks school-of-life but went on to …

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Dylan and the Bible

Most serious Dylan fans know that his lyrics are heavily influenced by the Bible. Bert Cartwright published one of the first books on the subject (long out-of-print). Check out the link below to read-up on Damian Balassone’s efforts to do the same.

Ellen Willis (Editor of New Yorker) Article

Below is an article posted to  Facebook Edlis Cafe group. Must reading.   “Dylan” – from Cheetah, 1967 I Nearly two years ago, Bob Dylan had a motorcycle accident. Reports of his condition were vague, and he dropped out of sight. Publication of his book, Tarantula, was postponed indefinitely. New records appeared, but they were …

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