Red River Shore

Red River Shore is another standout track from the new Fragments release. (An excellent accordion-heavy version was included on Tell-Tale Signs.) Two versions are included. The first sounds more like a demo than something that would be seriously considered for the album. Daniel Lanios plays some ragged, heavy-handed guitar. Dylan’s voice is ok but not

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The Water Is Wide

To me, The Water is Wide is the best cut on new Fragments collection. The heartache in Dylan’s voice and the sensitive backup instrumentation accentuate the overwhelming sadness expressed in the lyrics. I thought this said it well. One recording stands above all the others. The old folk song, ‘The Water Is Wide,’ was recorded

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Time Out of Mind

“It’s a spooky record, because I feel spooky. I just don’t feel in tune with anything.  quote from Bob Dylan in America -Sean Wilentz p. 255 The other day I was trying to re-connect my phone to a speaker attached to my TV. After several minutes of futilely pressing buttons labeled with inscrutable icons, it

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Bob Dylan and Skip James

I’ve been listening to a lot of old, acoustic blues recordings lately. Scrolling through Amazon Unlimited (note –> not Spotify), one song stood out to me. Not because of the music, but the name, Special Rider Blues. After a few seconds, it came to me that Special Rider Music was the name of one of

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